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A Natural Nails Only salon!

A Natural Nails Only salon!

A Natural Nails Only salon!A Natural Nails Only salon!

About Lisa

Lisa began her  nail career when she was 17,  when tips were thick and applied using glue and powder. She has seen many fads come and go and come around again and has a strong opinion about the lack of FDA protection and  false advertising allowed in the cosmetic industry.  Lisa has worked in many salons as an employee and renter while using many mediums including acrylic, uv gel, gel polishes and dip systems. 

When Lisa branched out on her own, creating Nail Solutions, her vision was to create a new type of nail salon. Her services take longer as they are designed therapeutically, focusing on the health of your nails and skin. Lisa's retention rate is high and she is often told by new clients that they wish they had known about her sooner. 

Lisa had very specific goals in mind when she opened Nail Solutions. The first was to bridge the gap between the medical community and the cosmetic industry.  This is a very difficult task considering most doctors, especially Podiatrists, have a low opinion of nail technicians and nail salons in general.  Another goal was to create a platform from which she could share her industry and product knowledge with the general public, regardless of whether you become a client or not. She accomplished this with the creation of her blog. Lisa's third  goal related to the heart of what Nail Solutions is about; to reaffirm that the significance of manicures and pedicures is about the health of your nails and skin and not just about pretty colors and sandal season. Color should be optional, not a necessity to camouflage damage.

Now celebrating three years in business, she has decided to commit Nail Solutions to being a truly Natural Nails Only salon, eliminating all other enhancement type products and services. Her passion for this is fueled by her concern over the constant wearing of gel enhancements (curing and removal) and a growing clientele of ladies seeking help for severely dehydrated, damaged and over-filed nails. 

Lisa also offers consulting services and  is a self professed science geek, spending many hours studying ingredients and product synergy related to both the nail industry and skincare.  You will learn something new at each appointment



New York State Licensed and Insured 

Certified Footcare Nail Technician

Certified Advanced Nail Technician

Certified Safe Salon

Certified Toenail Recontruction Technician

Certified IBX Technician

Natural Nail Technician

Nail Rehab Programs

Podiatrist Endorsed Pedicures

Toenail Reconstructions

Custom Nail Art

Consulting  and Workshops 


Aseptic Protocols

Lisa's advanced training enables her to provide services for at-risk clients.  Her stainless steel implements are Sterilized and all other implements used are disposable (including files, buffers, towels and pedicure liners). Being Podiatrist Endorsed means that Lisa was personally mentored by a Podiatrist to offer safe, within her scope of practice, pedicures. 


By Appointment Only

So that everyone's privacy, time and health can be fully respected; please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.